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What are the top post workout recovery drinks for 2015?

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Recovery drinks can be ideal for your post workout routine for more reasons than just providing you with hydration and protein. The liquid supplements and nutritional elements in each of the drinks are easier for your body to absorb. Many of the supplements will be absorbed directly through your stomach lining, causing less stress on the liver, and also delivering the post workout recovery boost you need fast. Recovery drinks shouldn’t replace the recovery meal and post workout stack, but they should become part of the triad of elements you use to get the gains you want.

What should be at their base?
There are three basic forms of liquid you want to look for with your workout recovery drink. Water, chocolate milk and yogurt. Water tops the list because it is the essential hydration element. Chocolate milk can provide essential protein and glycogen, but because of the chocolate it also promotes the absorption of calcium. Yogurt is the mainstay of all smoothies, and it’s just a good base. You want to be mindful of the calories and sugars that can come in the last two. Sports drinks, such as the ones you can buy at a convenience store, are not a good idea as they are too high in sugar to be much help. The many pre-made recovery drinks sold in fitness and health stores should also be monitored for too much sugar as well.

What should be in them?
Recovery drinks are a huge part of the natural bodybuilding supplement protocols because they are essential – when they have the right ingredients in them. You want to see creatine, leucine and glutamine at least. Those are considered to be the essential building blocks of recovery. It is also generally a good idea to find one that includes a vitamin pack in the mix (or in the drink), that addresses the loss of the water soluble vitamins. This will be the most helpful to balancing electrolytes.

A pre workout supplement for women may be just the boost you need to accomplish your fitness goals. Depending on the bodybuilding workout supplements you choose, you can accentuate your workouts for a slimmer, stronger and fitter body.

However, these supplements for weight loss need to be combined with a healthy and balanced diet. Otherwise, one runs the risk of placing too much stress on their body especially. Here is an introductory list to get you started; you can choose the best supplement from among the following top rated combinations:

1. Multi-Vitamins

Diets full of beans, lean meats, fruits and vegetables provide the vitamins and minerals you need as a woman. Once you start working out, it is very important that your body has all the necessary nutrients available to ensure a faster, fuller recovery. Therefore, you may want to take multivitamins that are designed specifically for women as a daily supplement. A good choice here would be Optimum Opti-Women, which also includes heart healthy antioxidants and iron.

2. Protein Powder

Protein smoothies are also useful once you start working out for a few different reasons. Not only will it help you fight cravings for any unhealthy foods, it will also energize you during workouts and ensure you lose tummy fat. Optimum 100 Percent Natural Whey can be considered in this case since it is lactose free and can be mixed with fruit for a healthy pre workout snack. Protein is also an essential building block your body will use to repair your muscles after strenuous exercise, which makes it ideal for a post workout supplement as well. If you are looking to stock up on protein powder, Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Gold is highly recommended.

3. Pre Workout Energy Drink

On the other hand, if you are looking for extra motivation before working out, then you should consider getting a high performance pre workout supplement like Altius. It will give you that boost you need to get up on your feet and start flexing your muscles.

The great thing is that there are some new versions that have been targeted for women specifically. They include such natural amino acids as Arginine, Taurine and even Green Tea. One energy drink that is getting a lot of attention among women today is Essential AmiN.0. Energy.

4. Creatine

Creatine is ranked among the best natural workout supplements for women. It is well known for its creation of stronger muscles. So much so that even Olympic athletes routinely take it for an edge on their competition. It is found naturally in meat and can be further supplemented with creatine powder.

Creatine works simply by helping the body use and store more energy especially during strenuous activity. Many competitive weight lifters endorse creatine for it’s ability to help you get in your last 1 or 2 repetitions. Also, inasmuch as it causes water retention, the water is useful to transport nutrients faster to your muscles. A great option for creatine is Kre-Alkalyn EFX. It conveniently comes in the form of pills which can be taken as a pre workout supplement.
5. Omega 3’s.

cheap workout supplement is impossible not to mention Omega 3 in any discussion about supplements for energy. This essential fatty acid is needed since the body cannot create it naturally. Omega 3 is great for cognitive function, cardiovascular health and also helps the body to rebuild cells and increase joint flexibility. It is also useful in faster growth of the muscles.

Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to include this supplementation in your pre workout plan. If you are looking for an Omega 3 supplement that is specifically targeted at the female body, then you may want to pay attention to Garden of Life Healthy Hormones (Oceans 3). This has a blend that is great for hormone production and healthy skin. It additionally includes high quality fatty acids.

Finally, remember that finding the right pre workout supplement for women that will work for you will take some searching. You need to know your body well, try out different varieties and take only those that you feel offer the best results.


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